“Misa was born in Czech republic, former Czechoslovakia. She studied Economics under the communist system in Prague, but after velvet revolution she left for Paris to pursue her passion and learn French. Working as au pair in the afternoons, studying at La Sorbonne in the mornings and evenings, she discovered the beauty of Paris and taste of freedom. 

She came back to Prague in 1992 but was bit already the “travel bug”. Here she met Nathan, and since then they have never stopped to share their dreams and life.

20 years and 10 countries later with a few more languages in their kitty and 3 kids and dog in their family, they have just settled down in Dublin in summer 2011.”

So this is the “Cinderella story” of the 20th/21st century. I could write hours about the up and downs of international life, being on the road, live in luggages and discovering new countries and friends. But the most impressive, magic and life changing experience that I lived was between 2007 and 2011, when we moved to India. 

I was excited about the country, as it was one of the places my husband talked when we first met, and we had dreamed for 15 years to go there. Timing was probably perfect, as my kids were 10, 9 and nearly 6, and I was tired of “hectic life of a superwoman”. After first months of adjustments, some tears, but complete enchantment too, I met Prasad Rangnekar, famous Yoga teacher in Mumbai. Not that I considered him as a teacher, more like the boy playing with yoga around. However few months later I was deeply committed to the practice and self study and my life started to seem different. Thanks to Prasad, his teachings and amazing community of “Angels” in Mumbai, I discovered new way of looking at the world, and then the magic of the inner journey happened. Suddenly the years of running around the globe became boring compared to the immense discoveries of my own universe.

have to thank also my dear friend Smriti Sivdasani as she introduced me to the Buddhism of Nicheren Daishonin and she has my deep gratitude. As I say, the timing was everything. I came with little hope, and I left believing in miracles. 

I studied with Prasad Rangnekar for 3 years and continue to do so. I went for YTT in Yoga Institute – Mumbai, and participated on YTT- workshop with Paul Grilley for Yin yoga. I participate on Yoga conferences, workshops and retreats across the world to update my knowledge of Yoga.

After all those experiences  I can say that I don t see the need for styles and labels. One yoga and one master are good enough!  Yoga is one 5000 years old way of being, of connecting with yourself and with universe. It is part of Indian philosophy and tradition. Everything else is just variations of the same “eternal search of human being for Freedom and Happiness”. 

 YOGA IS FOR EVERYBODY. Physical practice is only a little part of yogic way of living, and this is what I am sharing with my students. For me Yoga is for everyday life, yoga is transformation, yoga helps us to deal with our multiple roles and obligations with a balanced state of mind and with healthy body. I discovered and live it myself, and I’ m teaching what I know from my own experience. So let’s start NOW!



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  2. I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

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