i-9Nncv94-LPic-Misa hugs slumsMisa Golf-provaz hanumanP1020534SlumDSC_0727IMG_7019

DSC_0003DSC_0246DSC_0288Last Import - 0173178_10151576769343234_1052822460_n 488094_10151576769418234_1199746530_n 526602_10151576769908234_1788320387_n 544943_10151576769033234_1804920066_nCoonoor YTT 200 with Yogaprasad Institute,March 2013Canada, October 2013, amazing workshop but also imazing friends trip!

Canada, Niagara Falls November 2012

Toronto sun rise

Prasad in Krompach Prasad in Krompach

Free Hug Yoga Habartice 2012

Free Hug Yoga Habartice 2012

Yoga at Quantum Park, MumbaiYoga at Quantum Park, Mumbai

Krompach Retreat 2012

Krompach Retreat 2012

Yin yoga DublinYin yoga Dublin

Yoga 5

Yoga with kids at LFI Dublin

Yoga 6

LFI Yoga again:)

Head stand in Central Park.

Coeur d’ Helene!

Triangle in Central park, New York

Triple Triangle – Forever Friends!

Kimi the dog and Irena! We can hold each other…

We CAN fly!

Sustaining each other!

Elie and Danuska in t shirts of Noemie

Jituska and me…

My “personal assistent” JaraIncredibly gifted!My niece Danuska:)


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